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Learn Italian faster with positive affirmations!

Scritto da speakitalianmagically.com il 13 settembre 2010

In her book “You can heal your life”, Louise L. Hay writes about the power of positive affirmations. The bulgarian Lozanov created a whole language teaching method based on suggestions.

So why can’t you use positive affirmations to get yourself in the right state to learn Italian?

Just after the introduction of the Speak Italian Magically method I wrote eleven positive affirmations to motivate you through your learning. Here you have them.

As a BONUS to the visitors of this blog, you also have the spoken version with Kevin Macleood’s music to download  to your mp3 reader and a memory game to have fun with!

Click on play to listen to the positive affirmations. Scroll down to play the game I created;-)!


Imparare l’italiano è facile!
Learning Italian is easy!

Parlo l’italiano molto bene!
I speak Italian very well!

Mi piace l’Italia!
I like Italy!

Quando parlo l’Italiano sono sicuro di me!
When I speak Italian I am self confident!

Quando parlo l’italiano provo gioia!
When I speak Italian I feel joy!

Giorno dopo giorno parlo l’italiano sempre meglio!
Day by day I speak Italian better and better!

Parlare l’italiano è come parlare la mia madrelingua!
Speaking Italian is like speaking my mother tongue!

Mi piace mangiare italiano!
I like eating Italian!

Capisco tutto in italiano!
I understand everything in Italian!

Parlo l’italiano fluentemente! 
 I speak Italian fluently!

Adoro parlare in italiano!

I love to speak Italian!  

Mi diverto a parlare in italiano!
I have fun speaking Italian!

P.s.: There's an extra sentence...What is it? ;-)

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