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aprile 19, 2014

Leave for your Hero’s Journey and Awaken your Italian!

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“Nella caverna dove hai paura di entrare si trova il tesoro che stai cercando”.
“In the cave you fear to enter lies the treasure you seek.

- Joseph Campbell

What’s the symbolic cave you are afraid to enter? Before you answer this question I could tell you a story… Perhaps I could begin with “C’era una volta… un eroe” (”Once upon a time, there was a hero“), but I prefer, if you let me do it and read me till the end, to change the protagonist of the story and tell you that…

Some day you could wake up and after doing all the things that you normally  do every day, something happens, something that can change your life… Perhaps it could be - to stay on the positive side - that for a reason or another you have to leave on a journey (and a trip) to Italy, or you receive a wonderful job offer and you have to perfectly speak Italian to take the job… But you may not speak it so perfectly yet, or at all…

So, what will you do? Will you fight or flight? Perhaps it’s a one-time opportunity and it’s really almost like a call to adventure. Will you decline the call, staying the way you are? Or will you accept it, by facing the challenge.  And how can you face it? Perhaps a good Italian speaking friend of yours may help you, or you could attend an Italian school or use a multimedia course…
Remember that if you’ll decline the call to adventure you could have some regrets… such as the regret of not living a different life, perhaps your dream life… So, after thinking  the right amount of time about it, you may accept the challenge and you’ll get ready to cross the threshold, to leave your ordinary life and begin either your journey, or your new job in which you speak Italian very well.

On this journey you’ll possibly meet some bad teachers, but also some good teachers… It’ll be up to you to tell the good from the bad and realize that you can meet someone who would like to let you use only the rational side of your mind… and this will apparently be the easiest path to follow - or you can meet someone inviting you to use your whole brain - not only the rational side, but also the creative and emotional side… In your path toward the mastery of Italian you may meet some “magic allies” that will help you get your goal faster. These allies may be good teachers, mentors or just supporters, people who will help you Awaken your Italian or Speak Italian magically :-) [after all you are on the Speak Italian Magically blog;-)]
It’s also true that you may also meet some demons who will try with every possible trick to slow you down or even to stop you and let you get back to square one… And sometimes those demons will be your inner demons… because, as a dear friend of mine (Raul, who’s improving at Italian day after day)  says, “You can be your worst enemy”. And then you’ll need to have the strength to defeat those (symbolic) dragons and demons that you may meet on your path… the path toward the so wished mastery of the Italian language and consequently your journey to Italy, your new job, your dream, etc., or any other thing you wish for during this time of your life.

In any case, after reaching your goal, you will have obtained a transformation because by developing your inner resources you will be able to efficiently face any new challenge you will encounter in the future.
And finally you could begin the final phase of your path: almost like coming back home. In other words, you could share with others what you have discovered, accomplished and learned… And you would have experienced what Joseph Cambpell codified as the Hero’s Journey… That I have mind mapped here below:

Recently I have watched the following video (it’s in English, but you can watch it with Italian subtitles if you feel like!), where the author, Matthew Winkler, briefly and brilliantly  explains what the Hero’s Journey is about.

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And the conclusion is that: all of us - me, you and anyone else - are living our hero’s journey through the symbolic stories of our lives. Leaving our comfort zone, we daily live experiences that transform us, and the beauty of it is that after doing it, perhaps we recover for a while and then we’ll start all over again! And it isn’t that we need to slay dragons or fight Voldemort (from the Harry Potter’s saga), we just face problems just as scary - at least from our point of view.

So, accept the challenge, begin your journey, claim your treasure… and please do remember what I love to say: Relax and enjoy the journey!


P.s. 1.: A wonderful documentary film about the hero’s Journey is “Finding Joe” by Pat Solomon (I don’t think it has been adapted in Italian yet:-( . I really advise you to watch it! Ne vale davvero la pena! (It’s really worth it!)

P.s. 2:  My friend Conor has asked me a question about shadowing and I answered here, also on a video with Italian subtitles:

P.s. 3: This article is an adaptation of a former article that I wrote a couple of days ago in Italian and you can read it here: 

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