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settembre 20, 2010

What are the best moments to listen to the Speak Italian Magically audios?

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sleep learningHave you ever heard of sleep learning? Does it work? Read this article through and you will learn more.

It is nowadays widely known that our brains work in different patterns (BRAINWAVES) throughout the day. How do you feel when you are practicing the sport you really love? Fully concentrated and wide awake, right? Well that is the state when your brain works in BETA.

How do you feel just before going to sleep or just right after waking up? Are you relaxed? Well, usually you are and that is when your brain works in the ALPHA state.  In this state you are relaxed but still alert. And in this state your memory makes wonder.

That is the right state to learn and fix Italian deep in your mind.

Throughout the night we tend to change our brainwaves. And we usually go to THETA and DELTA. THETA and DELTA are phases where you usually sleep deeply and where your brain sorts out what happened to you during the day. That is why  you should leave theese phases to this function.

So if you thought of putting the Speak Italian Magically through the night, I advise you NOT to do that, otherwise you will wake up not satisfied with your sleeping time.

But what about the ALPHA state? Is it useful to listen to something you want to learn just before going to sleep? Or first thing in the morning?

YES, it is! And I strongly suggest you to start this habit with the Speak Italian Magically audios. So, just listen to the audios just before going to sleep and first thing in the morning and you’ll notice the difference in short time.

In case you won’t be able to do it in these moments, the wonderful background music (by Kevin Macleod) and just closing your eyes while listening will help you relax and get into the ALPHA state.

Now, Let me ask you a question. Do you want to speak Italian only in this ALPHA state? Or do you want to be able to speak Italian also when you are wide awake?

I think you want to be able to speak Italian in every situation, that is why you need to work a bit on the Speak Italian Magically audios also in the BETA state, when you are fully awake.

You will find more about the Speak Italian Magically approach in the introduction that you can download for free:

If you have a Kindle just click here.

Relax! You can learn Italian now!

If you either  enjoyed this post or you have questions, comment below!

Ciao da Antonio

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