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ottobre 28, 2010

A free preview of Speak Italian Magically

Scritto in: The course

Ciao a tutti! Many of you have been asking for a more complete free preview of the method. So, I decided to let you try the course using the ISSUU technology.

Before clicking on the following multimedia files remember the suggested steps to maximize your experience with the course.

Steps for each episode

1. Find a comfortable place in a relaxing environment, such as an easy chair or on a bed. Imagine you are a child again and you are about to have fun while discovering your new language -Italian. Listen to the adventure while enjoying the experience and let your mind wander with the images and feelings from the recordings.

2. Listen to the adventure again as you read the script from the playbook. Get involved! Highlight each new words, underline and circle the book with colored pens and markers. Color the drawings in the script. Draw your own! It’s fun! This playbook is yours to draw in: do it and enjoy! All this helps activate your right brain.

3. After that you will feel comfortable to listen to the Italian only version of the adventure and feel proud as you understand everything.

4. Playfully answer the questions presented at the end of each script.

5. Speak in chorus with the Italian only version of the adventure. Get synchronized with the Italian voice and speak with it. This is a little challenge, but it is fun and really helps your brain understand that you really want to speak Italian!

6. Look at the mind map and imagine the adventure while looking at it. Write down the words you easily remember on the mind map branches. Create your own mind map. It’s fun and will help you remember words.

7. Do you also want to improve your writing skills? Use play and pause to create your own dictation exercise. Write down what you listen, then check how good you are!

Now, click here and enjoy the free preview!

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Now, click here and enjoy the free preview! 

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