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dicembre 24, 2010

How do you want it? Paperback or digital ebook?

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That is a strange question, indeed, if you think about the fact that a few years ago the only thing you could have was a book in paperback. When I was a teenager I didn’t even have  an mp3 reader! We had cassettes that could only give us 60-90 minutes of music. Well, if I think how the world has changed, my mind starts to wander and let me feel that we dreamed of the future, but we may not have realised that the future is here.

You can have everything you want today. You can if you want. Let me tell you the secret history of this book. Ten months ago I had an idea. Well, it was a question to answer after all. How can you learn and speak a language faster than you do now? Then I had the idea…I saw my self already having the answer to that. I saw myself as vividly as I could and with all my senses. I saw my self with this book in my hands, I heard what I could hear having this book in my hands (I even listened  to what my wife could tell me in such a case) and I felt as if I had already done it. Given the results, I think that this is really the secret to achieve anything in life. To see yourself having already done what you want to achieve. After all, didn’t they say “the body won’t go where the mind has not gone first”? And if you want to Speak Italian Magically,why don’t you imagine yourself as if you already speak Italian and fluently?

What about me then? What happened to me after this visualization then? I just found the right books, the right web links and the right ideas to create an improvement of other ideas and approaches to learn Italian faster. I just found my self at the right moment and at the right place. I also had an intuition about the book title. I remember as if it was now, I was in my car and I had what people call it an AH AH moment and I thought: “This is the right title for this book!”

Then I used Mary Loverde approach and I broke what I had to do into several micro-actions and only did those.

Four months ago I managed to publish the digital version  of the book.

As you may have realised by reading the first part of this post, I grew up in a different world (even though I like today’s world too), so I felt as if something was missing. When I imagined myself having this book in my hands, it wasn’t a digital version, it was a proper paperback and I could touch it, smell the paper pages.

How could I have a paperback without spending much money?

I found the answer for this too: print on demand!!!

So for those of you who, like me, want to have something in your hands, I am proud to announce that the paperback version of Speak Italian Magically is available!!!

Go to e insert the following discount code to get 30% off: ZHC3APRR Valid till January 15, 2011

The main difference with the ebook version: Beside being it in paper;-), I decided to give to you included in the price all 20 audio files, almost 3 hours of guided phantasies into Italy and Italian!

Here you have a video where I touch with my hands both versions! Enjoy!

And, by the way, BUON NATALE!!!

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