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giugno 26, 2011

A guide to discover Tropea and nearby!

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It’s finally available online and in its printed version the guide Pronto Estate 2011.

Click on the picture or here to flip through its pages for free!

Why am I writing about this guide? What has it to do with the learning of the Italian language? Well, one of the most effective ways to learn a foreign language is to read things that you are interested in and you understand. Professor Stephen Krashen says clearly so in his book “The power of reading”. And the guide Pronto Estate not only offers interesting contents, allowing you to discover the beauties of Tropea and nearby, but also comprehensible to the international audience. And how is all this possible?

The guide is written in three languages (Italian, German and English) and, even if translations are not literal, they will allow you to fully understand the text contents presented and to pretaste your holiday in Calabria. What is missing to make it an even more useful device to learn the Italian language?

The only missing thing is the audio!

Talking about this, it comes to my mind an ancient chinese proverb:

“I listen and forget, I read and understand, I see and remember, I do and learn”

So, what would happen if you read, listen, see and do at the same time?;-)

Start and click on the guide link, then open it, flip through its pages, look at it, print it, copy it on your Italian woorkbook and then come to Tropea and practise your Italian! How much faster would you learn?

This is only a little piece of advice of how you could use the guide…but as I was saying, the audio is missing, or it was missing, because I volunteered to record the reading of the guide and I put it at everyone’s disposal!

You can listen to a preview here: 

All the rest will be available on  from June, 27th, for free!

Please bear in mind that this is advanced Italian, written for Italian people and not for foreigners. Anyway you will be able to understand it thanks to non literal translations that you can find on the downloadable pdf. If you are looking for easier Italian input click here!

If you want to read this article in Italian, click here!

Buon divertimento!

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