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dicembre 29, 2011

Learn Italian faster with empowering questions!

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solution focusWhat questions could you ask yourself to learn Italian faster?

Don’t you  know the power of questions? If you haven’t already, check what I wrote on this article of mine.

Then come back here, to know more about solution-focused questions

What are they? What do you think?

Now, let me tell you briefly about solution-focused interviewing…

Developed in the 1980s by De Shazer and Berg, psychologists at the Brief Family Center in Milwaukee, it has been adapted to work in other fields, such as coaching (see Jackson and McKergow, authors of The Solution Focus).

It contains the following principles:

1) The class of problems is distinct from the class of solutions…Focus on solutions, instead of problems: what is your ideal perfect future? If you are here is because you want to speak Italian very well, aren’t you?

2) The client is the expert. You are the one who knows what’s best for you, what part of the learning you need to focus more on.

3) If it works, don’t fix it. If you are very good at doing something in Italian (for example you are so good at ordering cappuccinos;-), why should you change the way you do it?

4) If something works (better), do more of it.  If you find that something really helps in improving your Italian, what about doing more of it? Do you think this would help?

5) Look for “differences that make a difference”.  Do you remember that time you spoke Italian very well (or any other foreign language)? What made that difference that made you act that way? What  made everything work out so well?

6) If something does not work, do something else. If learning any tiny detail of grammar, didn’t lead you to fluency, why don’t you do something else?

After reading thoroughly several books on the subject, including 1001 solution-focused questions by Frederike Bannink, I thought to introduce solution-focused questions to Italian learning…So in Awaken your Italian, you’ll find 12 of them.

And as a special bonus to the readers of this blog, here you also have the spoken version of them with Kevin Macleood’s music to download  to your mp3 reader and a sentence game to have fun with!

Click on mp3 to listen to what I call domande potenzianti (empowering questions) . Click on Start to play the game I created;-)!

Domande Potenzianti

If you enjoy this kind of game, check this other page out!

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