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      If you want to read this article in Italian, go here: https://goo.gl/Xc5Mo4 As you are reading the following text, from any device you’re doing it, and regardless of your background, I invite you to do a little experiment with me. Imagine for a moment that you are in a beautiful place. What is it? Think about it [...]
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About who I am


www.italianoinitalia.com is my website for Italian lessons - Contact me from there!







Can you imagine how you will feel by speaking another language, a different one than yours? Sense all the feelings you can feel. You will listen to yourself uttering different and pleasant sounds, such as the Italian sounds. You will see people astounded around you because of this new skill of yours. Will you beexcitedHappy? Of course you will be!

I will be excited for you too, because for me it is so rewarding to see people, who couldn’t speak a word before, conversing in my own language. That is thereal joy for me and I mean it from the heart.

I am Antonio Libertino, born and bred in Tropea (although I now live 4 km away from it:-), Italy and I share with you a passion for foreign languages and world cultures.

It all begun when I realized that I couldn’t communicate with a foreign girl I fell in love with, if I didn’t know at least English. What did I do? I took the first cassette course I could find and started learning as fast as I could: I was really motivated to do that. What am I suggesting? That you should get an Italian boyfriend or girlfriend? That wouldn’t be a bad idea too, but there are a lot of other ways of learning my own language. And you can discover them wherever you are, even at your place!

I went on, I learned how to speak English. That love story was over, but it started my passion for foreign languages and cultures.

Then, Francesco, the director of an Italian school for foreigners asked me to teach Italian in his school. I asked: “How am I going to do that?”. “I’ll give you the book”, he said. I am really thankful that he asked me to do that, but I soon realized it wasn’t with just a book that I could teach people…

I wanted to teach people and to let them feel at ease, that’s why during the years, I went on teaching in Francesco’s school, till I decided to work on my own, also offering skype lessons. The teaching passion brought me to obtain the Ditals certificate Level II which is issued by the University of Siena for Foreigners, and it tests theoretical and practical knowledge of candidates in the fields of teaching Italian to foreigners. And from the testimonial page you can read what my students have said about my lessons over the years.

Sometimes it seems that an invisible force guides you to develop your passions and discover tricks and secrets to learn and teach a language.

We can’t deny we are living a learning revolution and especially in learning languages: we can’t use anymore the teaching methods we used ten years ago. Today we have multimedia computers, internet, ipads and tablets, Skype and old but fantastic tools like mind maps and memory techniques. What are they? Tony Buzan has written many useful books about them. I really love mind maps as I can organize my thoughts and also learn languages with them.. How? I did write a book about it (The Secrets of the Italian Language). And what about memory techniques? They’re fun and they will help you remember words. Another wonderful tool that I started using in my teaching is guided imagery: visualization helps you think in the language (I used it first in the book Speak Italian Magically)!


Over the years, while on my learning path, I also put my findings in writing in this blog (mainly in English: I consider the place where I train myself with the English language while giving tips about learning Italian;-), in other blogs and in my books. Just a few days ago I realized that I have already written a booklet (Free in its digital versionPensa in Italiano! Think in Italian!) and 5 real books to help you learn Italian as fast as you can!!!

I love to say that “knowledge is power and can also be fun if you know how to learn“, but I have to admit that acting upon what you learn is much better than that!

Anyway, relax and enjoy the journey!



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