Speak Italian Magically!

Relax! You can learn Italian now!

Advice to Speak Italian Magically

On this page I will recollect all the pieces of advice, I gave on my other Blog, italianoinitalia.blogspot.com.

How to use them?

My Advice is to do as follow.

1) Listen to the audio file first and see if you can get the gist of it. Do this without looking at the text.

2) Ask your self: what is Antonio talking about?

3) Put some Mozart music on and listen to the advice while reading the text.

4) Decode the text: read the text again looking for parts you don’t understand. Highilight new words and expression. Look up in your dictionary or the web. Or use Google translation to help you get a (not precise) translation.

3) Put some relaxing music on - baroque music advised. Close your eyes, stay still and relax while slowly breathing and listen to the audio file again.

5) Speak and read the text aloud, imitating my pronunciation. The best you could do is to listen, read and speak at the same time. What if the audio is too fast? Slow the audio down! How? There’s a free software to do that: Best Practice (Google for it!)

So here you have the pieces of advice in Italian. Buon divertimento!

01 – Rilassati e abbi fiducia in te stesso

02 – Studia la pronuncia

03 - Ascolta prima di tutto

04 – Impara a fondo

05 – Prima le storie, poi la grammatica

06- Disegna le tue mappe mentali

07 –Ascolta e rispondi

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