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    • A story, many stories at the Polyglot Gathering 2016 16 maggio 2016
      If you want to read this article in Italian, go here: https://goo.gl/Xc5Mo4 As you are reading the following text, from any device you’re doing it, and regardless of your background, I invite you to do a little experiment with me. Imagine for a moment that you are in a beautiful place. What is it? Think about it [...]
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Good books to learn Italian

From this page you can learn about the books and audios I have written/recorded so far! Enjoy!

And feel free to spread the word!

Pensa in Italiano! /Think in Italian! - Parla l’italiano magicamente!/Speak Italian Magically! (Italienisch lernen im Handumdrehen) - Risveglia il tuo italiano!/Awaken your Italian! (Risveglia il tuo inglese!/Awaken Your English!) (Dein Italienisch wachgeküsst) - I segreti della lingua italiana per stranieri/The secrets of the Italian language - Gli altri segreti della lingua italiana per stranieri/More secrets of the Italian language - Impariamo l’italiano a Tropea


Have you used the books,  loved them and  want to link them on your Blog/Website?

If you wish so, you can even create an affiliate link through Amazon or any other service that let you do it:

the books are on sale on most online bookstores!

Available everywhere

Pensa in Italiano - Think in Italian


Think in Italian - Pensa in Italiano is a FREE introduction to the Italian language directly in Italian. As you will notice, by using this book, there are not translations of the sentences into English…Why? Because the goal of this book is to let you think in Italian as much as possible. Besides, if you understand everything is written thanks to pictures, what do you need translations for? Includes free audio too!

This book is a free Video eBook on Youtube! If you really like it, please like it and share it on facebook!

You can download it (even for free) as eBook for Iphone, Ipad, Kindle and most eBook readers from HERE!

Also available in paperback!

Available everywhere!

Speak Italian Magically!

Deutsche Bearbeitung: Italienisch lernen im Handumdrehen!

More information from here! A free preview from here!


The title says it all, doesn’t it? It’s a book for you to Speak Italian Magically! I know you may think that this is far fetched, but let me ask you something. Do you know that atlethes practice mental training before a performance? Do you know that they get better results when they imagine themself performing at their peak? Well, with Speak Italian Magically I wanted to give you a mental training where you will first imagine yourself both in the situation and the place speaking Italian very well…Then if you follow the guidelines, you will be actually speaking very well! Speak Italian Magically will bring you in the wonderful places that we have here in Italy. So, at the same time you will experience Italian and living in a different country, all within your mind because I will guide you in a relaxed state where the learning is much improved. And I also recorded with my own natural voice the audio in two versions, bilingual and only Italian version. Because I really think that once you understand the text you should practice with the only Italian version.

A free preview from here!

This book is available as

Audiobook (only audio - NO TEXTS) at Cdbaby - 5 FREE AUDIO FILES

Ebook with link to download the first  audio files


Apple Ibooks

Barnes and Nobles


Paperback with all  audio-files to download at Amazon

If you live in Europe, please check Bookdepository.co.uk


Risveglia il tuo Italiano!

Awaken Your Italian!

Adattamento in corso d’inglese per italiani: Awaken Your English!

Deutsche Bearbeitung: Dein Italienisch wachgeküsst!


Have you ever thought that you can learn something useful for yourself and your life while learning a new language?

With  Awaken Your Italian! you will:

*Finally set your goal of practicing the language;
* Learn how to relax at will before speaking Italian
*Relax while learning new empowering words and techniques as well as the Italian language that conveys them
*Have fun with five key lessons in mental training where the main character is YOU!

Awaken Your Italian! features:
*Parallel text English and Italian for most of the book!
* Accelerated learning methods to help you absorb the language faster!
* No memorization exercises!
* 10 audio files are also included to listen to each Italian lesson twice, bilingual and only Italian version. They have been recorded by the author himself with his own natural Italian voice.
*Especially suitable for intermediate learners, it could also be understood by absolute beginners thanks to English translations!

Please buy this book only if you are ready to take a ride in new whole brain methods to learn!

This book is available as paperback with all extra audio files to download

on Amazon

This is also available in 5 mini eBooks at Amazon.com:

Volume 1 - Volume 2 - Volume 3 - Volume 4 - Volume 5

Read the following pages to discover more:

Mentally train in 2012 to speak better Italian!

Can Tim Ferris help you speak Italian faster?


The secrets of the Italian language

I segreti della lingua italiana per stranieri

A listenable bilingual ebook to learn how to learn Italian…in Italian

Expanded, revised and updated second edition


Have YOU ever wanted to listen to real italian, read it and understand it? How can YOU understand Italian even if YOU are an absolute beginner? With THE SECRETS OF THE ITALIAN LANGUAGE YOU will get used to the Italian language, both spoken and written, and YOU will understand everything YOU will read and listen to! How is this possible? First, YOU will get a free audiobook, read by the natural and true Italian voice of the author himself. Second, YOU will understand everything thanks to the English translation of every piece of the texts. You will learn how to learn Italian in Italian! THE SECRETS OF THE ITALIAN LANGUAGE 2 - I SEGRETI DELLA LINGUA ITALIANA PER STRANIERI  is a listenable bilingual ebook to learn how to learn Italian…in Italian!  Music  is Royalty free Music by Kevin Macleod.

The secrets of the Italian language features:

* Bilingual text Italian and English;
* Free audio at Podiobooks (from 02/23/2011);
* Mind maps;
* Memory techniques.

Hai mai desiderato ascoltare dell’italiano autentico, leggerlo e capirlo? Come puoi capire l’italiano anche se sei un principiante assoluto? Con I SEGRETI DELLA LINGUA ITALIANA PER STRANIERI prenderai confidenza con la lingua italiana, sia scritta che parlata, e capirai ogni cosa che leggerai e ascolterai! Come è possibile tutto ciò? Prima di tutto ricevi un audiolibro GRATUITO, letto dalla vera voce naturale dell’autore stesso. In più capirai tutto grazie alla traduzione integrale in inglese dei testi. Imparerai come imparare l’italiano…in italiano! I SEGRETI DELLA LINGUA ITALIANA PER STRANIERI  è un libro bilingue da ascoltare per imparare come imparare l’italiano…in italiano. La musica  è Royalty free di Kevin Macleod.

I segreti della lingua italiana per stranieri ti offre:

* Testo bilingue italiano e inglese;
* Audio gratuito su Podiobooks (dal 23/02/2011);
* Mappe mentali;
* Tecniche di memoria.

The book is available here:


Apple Ibooks


This is also available in paperback on Amazon

260 pages in black and white

The full color edition is available at Createspace

260 pages in full color


More secrets of the Italian language

Gli altri segreti della lingua italiana per stranieri

A bilingual read-and-listen book to learn how to learn Italian…in Italian


Whether you are still struggling with Italian or you are already speaking this wonderful language and you want to speak it better and better, this book will get you nearer your goal of fluency. Using a multisensory approach, stories and a combination of whole brain learning techniques you will be guided to acquire the Italian language, while:

* discovering what really motivates you;

* using your body to really absorb the language;

* Listening and answering questions to make your Italian automatic;

* creating your own method to daily improve!

More Secrets of the Italian language features:

* Bilingual text Italian and English;

* Free Italian audio to download, recorded with natural Italian voice - about seven hours of real Italian to listen to;

* Drawings and tables;

* Much more on the bonus page of the book!

Che tu abbia ancora difficoltà con l’italiano o parli già questa meravigliosa lingua e vuoi parlarla sempre meglio, questo libro ti avvicinerà al tuo obiettivo di fluenza. Usando un approccio multisensoriale, storie e una combinazione di tecniche per imparare con tutto il cervello sarai guidato ad acquisire la lingua italiana mentre:

* scopri ciò che realmente ti motiva;

* usi il tuo corpo per assorbire realmente la lingua;

* ascolti e rispondi a domande per rendere il tuo italiano automatico;

* crei il tuo metodo personale per migliorare quotidianamente!

Il libro “Gli altri segreti della lingua italiana” ti offre:

* Testi bilingui in italiano e inglese;

* Audio in italiano gratuito, registrato con voce naturale italiana - circa sette ore di italiano autentico da ascoltare;

* Disegni e tabelle;

* Molto altro ancora nella pagina dei bonus del libro!

More infos here!

The book is available here:


Apple Ibooks



This is also available in paperback on Amazon

358 pages in black and white

The full color edition is available at Amazon

358 pages in full color

Available everywhere

Impariamo l’italiano a Tropea (with Giuseppe Meligrana)

Revised and updated second edition


Do you love Italy and dream of it every night? Would you like to visit one of the most beautiful Italian sea towns? What if you could refresh Italian at the same time too? Whether you have been to Tropea or not, this book, entirely written in Italian, will let you feel as if you were there! You will actually get cultural information about the wonderful Tropea as well as everyday dialogues, useful sentences and basic Italian grammar. Who said that learning italian can’t be fun? And you get an audiobook for free too at Podiobooks!

Ami l’Italia e la sogni ogni notte? Vorresti visitare una delle più belle cittadine di mare italiane? E se potessi rinfrescare l’italiano al tempo stesso? Che tu sia stato a Tropea o no, questo  libro, interamente scritto in italiano, ti farà sentire come se tu fossi qui! Nel libro troverai informazioni culturali, dialoghi situazionali, frasi utili e grammatica di base. Chi ha detto che imparare l’italiano non può essere divertente? E c’è anche un audiolibro gratis per te su Podiobooks!

This book is available here:

Free audiobook at Podiobooks


Ibooks per Apple

Barnes & Nobles

Diesel Ebookstore

This is also available in paperback at Createspace

Insert this code TFHEEVDM to save before checking out

110 pages in black and white


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