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    • A story, many stories at the Polyglot Gathering 2016 16 maggio 2016
      If you want to read this article in Italian, go here: https://goo.gl/Xc5Mo4 As you are reading the following text, from any device you’re doing it, and regardless of your background, I invite you to do a little experiment with me. Imagine for a moment that you are in a beautiful place. What is it? Think about it [...]
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An Italian listenable bilingual ebook to learn how to learn Italian in Italian!

Scritto da speakitalianmagically.com il 23 febbraio 2011

 C’era una volta…

 ***Click here to listen to the Italian audio***

C’era una volta tanto tempo fa in un regno magico un principe azzurro. E c’era anche una principessa. Il principe e la principessa avevano un sogno, quello di poter parlare una lingua nuova, una lingua melodiosa e musicale che aprisse il cuore delle persone che avrebbero incontrato. E sai, a volte se hai un sogno, lo desideri così tanto e credi fermamente che il tuo sogno si avveri, succedono cose speciali. Un giorno il nostro principe e la nostra principessa stavano facendo una bella passeggiata nel loro giardino incantato. Gli uccellini cinguettavano e c’erano tantissimi fiori di tutti i colori. Il loro profumo si spargeva nell’aria. Il principe e la principessa erano così felici e innamorati che tutto era meraviglioso. Qualcosa all’improvviso attirò la loro attenzione. Era una musica che veniva dal centro del giardino. La seguirono e si trovarono davanti una scatola colorata di azzurro. Dall’interno della scatola si sentiva una vocina parlare…Apritemi, apritemi, apritemi! Il principe e la principessa si guardarono e decisero di aprire quella scatola. Dentro c’era un libro magico.Infatti il libro parlava in Italiano e loro capivano tutto quello che gli diceva…

 ***Click here to listen to the Italian audio***

Once upon a time…

Once upon a time there was in a magic realm a blue prince. And there was a princess too. The prince and the princess had a dream, that of being able to speak a new language, a melodious and musical language that would open the heart of the people they would meet. And, you know, sometimes if you have a dream, you desire it so much and believe so firmly that your dream will come true, special things happen. A day our prince and our princess were taking a stroll in their enchanted garden. Birds were singing and there were so many flowers of all colours. Their smell was spreading in the air. The prince and the princess were so happy and in love (with each other) that everything was wonderful. Suddenly something attracted their attention. It was a music coming from the centre oft he garden. They followed it and found themselves in front of a blue coloured box. From inside the box you could hear a little voice speaking…Open me, open me, open me! The prince and the princess looked at each other and decided to open that box. Inside there was a magic book. In fact the book was speaking Italian and they understood everything it told them…

covernew Did you like the story? This is how I decided to start the new edition of the secrets of the Italian language, a bilingual ebook to learn how to learn Italian in Italian!  Imagine you could see Italian, listen to Italian and create your way towards learning Italian, while you understand everything you read! How is that possibile if you are an absolute beginner?

I was always intrigued by parallel reading books, the problem was that the language in those books was really outdated. You can’t learn modern Italian from books written over 3 hundreds years ago. It’s just not the same Italian we speak today.

By writing this book, I just wanted to put into practice what I learned by using mind maps and memory techniques. In the meanwhile I wanted to let you learn Italian while learning how to learn it.

I was looking for a multisensorial way to let you learn my own language. And it came into my mind that the best way to offer it, it was to write a book, read it and draw mind maps on it. And this is the result of my ideas! You will find a lot of FREE extras at the provided link if you buy this book!

This is actually the second edition, revised, expanded and updated with a new recording of the audiobook (which will be available at Podiobooks from 02/23/2011). The ebook is already available at a special introductory price at Amazon.com and at Smashwords where you can insert the following discount code to get 30% off: FN87U
(valid till March, 12th).

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