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      If you want to read this article in Italian, go here: https://goo.gl/Xc5Mo4 As you are reading the following text, from any device you’re doing it, and regardless of your background, I invite you to do a little experiment with me. Imagine for a moment that you are in a beautiful place. What is it? Think about it [...]
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If you think you can’t do it, hold on a moment, then do something else to improve your Italian!

Scritto da speakitalianmagically.com il 30 giugno 2014

Would you like to stop the negative messages that sometimes pop in your mind?
And what about the possibility to overcome a bad habit as you improve your Italian? Would you like it?

I hope so, because you will be able to find out some very interesting things just by reading this page till the end;-)

It may have occurred also to you to learn Italian and reach a point when, despite your efforts in reading, practicing and listening to the language, it looks like you “have reached a dead spot”. To say that, experts use the expression:” to hit plateau”…

And perhaps despite the fact that you have lately kept on doing something for your Italian, you may start telling yourself: “I’m really not improving at all”, or “Today I don’t feel like doing anything with Italian, I am not improving at all anyway…”

If this has happened to you, know that the negative sentences that may pop in your mind are normal and Dr. Jeffrey Schwartz has named them “deceptive brain messages”….

Let me give you some background about this doctor and how his research may help you improve your Italian today

Dr. Schwartz has created a protocol without medicines that can be helpful to people suffering from OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder)… It’s those people compulsively repeating an action… perhaps they want to wash their hands every two minutes, or - nowadays - compulsively check their  email or Facebook account…

I don’t know if you have watched the movie titled “The Aviator”: in that movie Leonardo Di Caprio plays a character with that  “discomfort”… Dr. Schwartz was Di Caprio’s coach during the movie shootings. In my web browsing I was attracted by this video where dr. Schwartz talks about it in English (unfortunately without Italian subtitles):


If you aren’t able to watch or understand it well, I would like to point out an interesting piece of information: the mind can change the brain so that Leonardo di Caprio has immersed himself so much in the role that three months after shooting the movie he still behaved like an OCD sufferer. It took him several months to recover. This implies that the mind  can have a powerful effect on the brain and tha any good actor enters so much in the role to change his brain!

This information also has some very positive implication, as Dr. Schwartz fully demonstrates.

As I am not a medical doctor, I’ll leave you with the task, if you wish so, to deepen your knowledge on the subject, perhaps by reading the book “You’re not your Brain“, by Dr. Schwartz, that of course (ironic:-) hasn’t been translated into Italian yet.

If you are a trainer and you are keen on knowing how to teach better and at a deep level, then you could also read this other book, titled “Keeping the brain in Mind“, by Melissa Tiers and Shawn Carson that I’ve just finished reading and that, among many other things, summarizes Dr. Schwartz’s protocol.

In any case, what I’d like to point out to you is that bad thoughts that may pop in your mind when you can’t see you are getting near the goal, the “deceptive brain messages” are ““any false . . . thought or unhelpful impulse . . . that takes you away from your true goals . . . i.e., your true self.” (quoting the book Keeping the brain in mind).

Now, despite the fact that you may (or not) get these false thoughts, you have to know that probably if there would be a way to verify  if - by doing the right things - your brain is progressing - and there is a way to do that! - you may realize that in reality your brain is doing it even if it apparently looks like nothing happens (and forgive my twisted sentence;-)!

In fact, people who followed Dr. Schwartz protocol didn’t realize they were improving, but their brain scans showed they were doing it and, by keeping on applying the protocol, at the end of the 12-week period their brain structure had changed and so had their “problem”….

But this is a blog to Speak Italian Magically, so here you have any deceptive messages you could get in your path toward Italian mastery:

I’m not good enough. Non sono bravo abbastanza.
There’s something wrong with me.
C’è qualcosa di storto in me.
I don’t deserve to be happy and speak Italian very well.
Non mi merito di essere felice e parlare l’italiano molto bene.
My wishes or goals are unrealistic or unattainable.
I miei desideri od obiettivi sono irrealistici e inottenibili…
I always do the same mistakes!
Faccio sempre gli stessi errori!

What can you do to interrupt the pattern and focus on something more productive, getting nearer and nearer your goal of speaking Italian better and better?

What follows are the 4 steps of Dr. Schwartz’s Protocol adapted to the specific case of learning the Italian language:

1) Relabel (Rietichetta).

When you have these negative thoughts, simply stop and mentally acknowledge that you are having them… You can tell yourself: “I am having those negative thoughts again…”

2) Reframe (Reincornicia)

At this point you can continue the sentence by telling yourself “… but it’s not me… it’s just my brain!” By telling something like that you are just dissociating from those sentences. It’s not you who’s not good at learning and speaking Italian very well, but it’s your brain that is sending you false messages:-)

3) Refocus (Redirigi la tua attenzione)

After the first two phases, the piece of advice is to do something useful and productive. What can you do that may get you nearer your goal of speaking Italian very well? Perhaps you could listen to an audio from Speak Italian Magically or Awaken your Italian, or anything else in Italian, why not? I’d suggest you listen to the episode titled “When you are at your best!” Or you can watch a TV show in Italian (your favorite one)… or even carefully listen to an Italian song! The choice is infinite, as long as you do something that makes you feel good while absorbing and improving your Italian! (Because if you associate pleasure with Italian learning  then you’ll learn it much faster!)

4) Revalue (Rivaluta)

If you have followed this protocol for a while, then you could revalue what you have done so far… And you could verify something like: ” That false message wasn’t doing anything for me, but look at all the beautiful things I have learned and how good I am becoming with Italian day after day!;-)”


The moral of all this is that if someone tells you - or you are doing it yourself - that it’s very difficult to change, or that learning Italian is not easy, please DON’T believe it, first of all because you can apply Dr. Schwartz’s protocol and second because “all we are is change;-)” and you may even realize that you have changed, becoming a different person since when you started reading this article a few minutes ago…

What do you think? ;-)

If you liked this article, please share it with anyone you love!

- Antonio

P.s.: Now you could read my article in Italian about what I call “il ma positivo

P.s.2: This article is an adaptation of an Italian article I wrote and published here: http://tinyurl.com/kkt8hlv !

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Learn Italian faster with positive affirmations!

Scritto da speakitalianmagically.com il 13 settembre 2010

In her book “You can heal your life”, Louise L. Hay writes about the power of positive affirmations. The bulgarian Lozanov created a whole language teaching method based on suggestions.

So why can’t you use positive affirmations to get yourself in the right state to learn Italian?

Just after the introduction of the Speak Italian Magically method I wrote eleven positive affirmations to motivate you through your learning. Here you have them.

As a BONUS to the visitors of this blog, you also have the spoken version with Kevin Macleood’s music to download  to your mp3 reader and a memory game to have fun with!

Click on play to listen to the positive affirmations. Scroll down to play the game I created;-)!


Imparare l’italiano è facile!
Learning Italian is easy!

Parlo l’italiano molto bene!
I speak Italian very well!

Mi piace l’Italia!
I like Italy!

Quando parlo l’Italiano sono sicuro di me!
When I speak Italian I am self confident!

Quando parlo l’italiano provo gioia!
When I speak Italian I feel joy!

Giorno dopo giorno parlo l’italiano sempre meglio!
Day by day I speak Italian better and better!

Parlare l’italiano è come parlare la mia madrelingua!
Speaking Italian is like speaking my mother tongue!

Mi piace mangiare italiano!
I like eating Italian!

Capisco tutto in italiano!
I understand everything in Italian!

Parlo l’italiano fluentemente! 
 I speak Italian fluently!

Adoro parlare in italiano!

I love to speak Italian!  

Mi diverto a parlare in italiano!
I have fun speaking Italian!

P.s.: There's an extra sentence...What is it? ;-)

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