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What if you imagine you are an Italian before speaking it?

Scritto da speakitalianmagically.com il 15 marzo 2011

When you speak, read or listen to Italian, who are you? Are you yourself? Why don’t you change identity while doing anything related to Italian?


Because…this way you will loosen yourself a bit and besides it will help you speak a better Italian!

One of the first things that Georgi Lozanov used to do during its suggestopedic learning courses was the identity change. And I love to do it too. For all the duration of my courses, students put themselves into an Italian’s shoes.

It’s fun and it helps the learning process. In fact, every time I call my students with their new Italian name, they always smile!;-)

So, before going on with the learning of Italian, you should shake off your past identity and slip into (= wear) a new one, all Italian.

You should choose a name, a family name, a new job and a new city of residence in Italy. Totally immerse yourself in this new identity.

Here you have a video of me doing something like that in course I held some time ago. We have identity change at the minute 3.40.  Of course, during the years I perfected the technique and my students are still having fun! Buon divertimento!

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