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Speak Italian Magically and spaced learning

Scritto da speakitalianmagically.com il 16 novembre 2010

Making MindsWhat is spaced learning? Have you ever heard of it? Do you practice it? If your answer if no, what could it be? Whether you know spaced learning already or not, say or write the first things that come into your mind now.

Have you done it?

I think you already know that the brain learns in layers, that is why it is good to be exposed to the same input in different ways: from the big picture to the detail is usually best.   But what about revising the material? When should you revise it?

Now, I can tell you about spaced and my experience with it. I’ve always known that to make something stick in your long term memory you need to revise it and repeat it. But when? Let’s say that you listen to an episode of Speak Italian Magically, when should you revise it again?

A couple of years ago, when I first read  Tony Buzan’s books I discovered about spaced repetition.  Basically he talks about the five-times repetition formula. He says that you should revise:

- the first time within an hour or so you’ve first read or learnt something;

- the second time the day after;

- the third time about a week later;

- the fourth one month later and

- the fifth and final six months later.

Based on this, if you listen and understand the first episode of Speak Italian Magically now at 10.36 a.m, you should:

- revise it within an hour today, 16 November 2010, that is 11.36 a.m.

- revise it tomorrow, 17 November 2010;

- revise it next week, 23 November 2010;

- revise it next month, 16 December;

- revise it after  6 months, 16 May 2011!

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