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The power of “le domande” to learn Italian faster!

Scritto da speakitalianmagically.com il 26 maggio 2011

domandemini.JPGOnce Einstein said that if he was about to be killed and if he had only an hour of time to find a way to save his own life, he would devote the first 55 minutes to search for the right domanda. Once he’d found that domanda, said Einstein, finding the right risposta would take only 5 minutes.

Do you know what these two words mean? What is una domanda? And what is una risposta? And what would it be the right domanda to ask yourself to learn Italian faster?

In an online article about the power of le domande I found out about the several types  of domande. So you could have alcune domande like these:

* By looking at the cover of the Speak Italian Magically book, what do you already know? [Inference]

 * How would it be different if you had a mountain view instead of a sea view? [Interpretation and contrast]

* How could you speak Italian if you were already an Italian? [Transfer] 

* If the title of the episode is “In spiaggia a Tropea“, what do you think it would happen in this episode? [Predictive hypothesis]

* What do I know after listening to this episode? What don’t I know? [Reflective]

What happens when you answer all these domande? You’ll be more curious and you’ll learn something new! Besides, you will have guided your focus towards something you didn’t notice before.

Even the famous Anthony Robbins in his “Awaken the giant within”, talks about le domande. Actually he separates empowering questions from “lousy questions”. You could check this video out to get a gist of what he’s talking about.

Questions are a powerful tool to direct your focus. So if I ask you “what is the best domanda you can ask yourself to learn Italian faster?” I’ve guided your focus to learn Italian faster.

Knowing all that, I decided to put a lot of domande at the end of each episode of Speak Italian Magically…to direct your focus on the several points of the adventure…so that you learn Italian faster.

So, why dont’ you ask yourself more empowering domande to learn Italian now?

If you had only 30 days to learn Italian what would you do first? And then?

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